logistics & supply chain management


  • Developing Effective Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies

  • Managing Customer Fulfillment with Logistics Proficiency

  • Logistics Strategies in Global Shipping

  • Lean Logistics Management in Manufacturing

  • Managing Hidden Logistics Risks in International Trade

  • Principles and Practices of Global Transportation

  • Strategic Elements of Transportation Management

  • Store keeping Functions and Storekeeper Roles


  • Global Shipping Management ( 3P’s of Procedure, Practice, Performance)

  • Management of INCOTERMS and TRADE PAYMENT TERMS in shipping

  • International Freight Management – Principles and Practices

  • Managing Global Freight Forwarding – Import Export Process

  • The Forwarder’s STC and Carrier’s COGSA

  • Shipping Risks and Costs Reduction Practices

  • Shipping Best Practices – Cargo Safety & Conveyance Integrity

  • Managing the Bill of Lading in Global Shipping

  • Managing the Airway Bill in Air Cargo Operation


  • Global Import & Export Management – Practices & Procedures

  • Managing INCOTERMS – Implications & Applications factors

  • Import Export Documentation and Shipping Elements

  • Managing International Trade and Customs Formalities

  • Risks Management in International Trade

  • Understanding Letter of Credits Operations in Export

  • Risks Management in International Trade

  • Understanding Letter of Credits Operations in Export


  • Leveraging Supply Chain Management - Value Creation Processes

  • Integration of Supply Chain Management – Inventory Velocity

  • Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing

  • Supply Management & Supplier Development

  • Strategizing Supply Chain Performance Enablers & Drivers

  • Developing Proficiency in Procurement Management

  • Managing Supply and Purchasing Contracts

  • Purchasing and Negotiating Effectiveness in Supply Chains

  • Efficient Order Management – Order receive to Order fulfill

  • Materials Management in Supply Chains

  • Inventory Management in Supply Chains

  • Competencies in Purchasing and Supply Management

  • Strategizing Formulation of Business Plans